Extentions and Add-ons used in the development of this cite:

Phoca Gallery from www.phoca.cz. All you need to setup your own image gallery. Very functional and easy to use.

Zh YandexMap from Dmitry Zhuk. Component for embedding Yandex maps service to your web pages.

Several NONumber add-on's by Peter van Westen. (Extension Manager, Modules Anywhere — The best way to include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules, Tabber — Makes nice looking tabbed areas in the content articles, Advanced Module Manager, Timed Styles)

Magic Magnify Plus™ for Joomla from http://www.magictoolbox.com. A pretty nice module implementing Loupe effect for the images to magnify their content. Very much customizable.

Tabs GK4 from Robert Gavick. Very easy to manage and very functional tabs module. With this module, you can create tabs on a site which include various content, like for a module or XHTML code defined by a user.

Many thanks and great respect to the authors!